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Alliances and Rivalries In Varying Centers of a Post-Colonial World

13th-15th January 2023

The fee ıs 400tl.

Letter from the Secretary General

Distinguished Delegates,


The international, political, and economical scenery has changed drastically, especially after the 2nd World War. The change has accelerated through the early 90s till this day. There have been a host of factors that have been major ingredients, starting with “The Fall of the Wall” and the change in the political polarity of the world. Unfortunately, the high hopes of the end of the clash of civilizations did not produce the intended results. Moreover, the chronicity in between the rate of growth of technology and the underlying internationally political framework has caused further complications about reaching welfare goals across the globe, such as the increase of health issues and disagreements that came with the Covid-19 pandemic.


The challenges of bringing comfort and prosperity to people across the globe are now more sophisticated than ever. Globalization has produced welfare, albeit not distributed equally upon global recipients. On the contrary, the collateral damage from ongoing physical battles have increased. The externalities of climate change, resource utilization, and environmental harm has come back to haunt humanity.


Looking ahead, change seems inevitable. What has been developing in the last 50 years is not the speed of technological change or the accumulated effects of the harm on environment but the international political order. Are we at crossroads of a historical nature, or do we still have time to evolve? Unquestionably, Model UN conferences are the foremost way to scrutinize, examine, and discuss these topics in the 21st century post-colonial world. In the view of the fact that Model UN gathers people all around the world and reinforces all kinds of people to work together as a team, as a systematic and considerate mind, as the voice that has been waiting to be acknowledged and released in all of us all around the world; for a better home, a better future, a better world - regardless of what race, age, or ethnicity we belong to. So, join us for a lively debate on where we are going - only in MEFHIGHMUN.


Yours sincerely,


Göksu Sivrikaya

Secretary General of MEFHIGHMUN’23